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We contribute Agriculture
by utilizing sensing technology.

What is Agri-IoT?

Problem in Agriculture

There are many problems in Agriculture recently.

  • Control is so complicated. Always need to take care of plants and/or green house.
  • Tough to keep better quality without farmer’s experience and/or know-how.
  • Not effective production. Thus no profitable.
  • Damage by extreme weather
  • Aging people in agriculture world
Who can solve these issues?

Problem in Agriculture

Agriculture x IoT

We hope to contribute your agriculture by powered IoT.
But there are a few issues to overcome.

  • Equipment is expensive.
  • Equipment/system is complicated.

Agriculture x IoT

Environmental monitoring

Contribution to agriculture by
environmental monitoring

Quick start, simple to use…
Why do not you start Agriculture IoT by our solution?
We provide equipment/service that you can monitor not only temperature but also humidity, sunshine, CO2, etc, without any difficulty.

Contribution to agriculture by environmental monitoring

“Easy to check” /
Environmental Data

  • temperature
  • humidity
  • drift
  • atmospheric pressure

Dedicated server receives each data from the field, via network.
You can check/download such data via website by your terminals (smart-phone, PC, tablet, etc).
You can check data summary, graph easily without any complicated operation.

Symphodia Phil's monitoring systemSymphodia Phil's monitoring system

Symphodia Phil's
monitoring system

Monitoring system provided by Symphodia Phil can contribute your cultivation. You just put our product in your field like green house (our product needs external Wi-Fi network and external power supply). After power-on, our product starts to send data to server automatically. You can check this data by your terminal (smart-phone, laptop PC, tablet, etc). You can see graph for this data and you do not need to do anything about this. Of course you can download it. We are doing proof of concept in Tomato’s green house now. Anytime, you can contact us.

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Symphodia Phil's monitoring system

Selection of sensors
Variety of sensors

You can select any kind of sensors you need for your cultivation. It is really depending on your needs. Our products can let you select any kind of sensors. And you can select additional sensor later on. This contributes your minimum investment for such sensors. In future, we will add many kinds of sensors.

Selection of sensors Variety of sensors
Selection of sensors Variety of sensors
Selection of sensors Variety of sensors
We listen to your voice, “I need this sensor,” “I have good sensor for agriculture”
Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Plant Acoustic Emission

Vital data of plant

It is important to focus on environmental data, but star of agriculture is plant itself, do not you think so?
Based on such thinking, we pay attention to not only environmental data but also vital data of plant. Plant cannot speak but using our sensing technology, you may listen to their message.

Vital data of plant

Plant Acoustic Emission (AE)

We are developing new product that can detect cavitation from plant, using acoustic emission sensor.

Plant Acoustic Emission (AE)

Sensing of plant AE

Simple cross section of stemSimple cross section of stem

Plant Acoustic Emission is kind of phenomenon that might be related to water stress or transpiration.
When plant is doing transpiration and suck up water, cavitation occurs in vessel and then plant acoustic emission can be created with tiny bubble appearance. It is expected to check plant condition and do irrigation control.

  • *1 Cavitation: Phenomenon that tiny bubble appears in a short period due to pressure difference when liquid like water flows.
  • *2 AE: Acoustic Emission: Phenomenon that create elastic energy as vibration/sound wave of ultra sonic area when any material gets damage and changes. This word is used as industrial word.

Future of plant AE

We are doing research and development for this technology to be one of sensor families in monitoring system, however, plant AE is still in early development stage and need more time to do proof of concept. Our plant AE product is just prototype. Therefore, we are looking for partner who is interested in this technology.

  • Farmer, agriculture company who is doing agriculture by IoT device and cooperate with us to do proof of concept together.
  • Any person who has deep agriculture knowledge and is willing to co-work with us.

Future of plant AE

Related Technology: Plant AE, Cavitation, Vibration sensor, AE equipment, Water stress, transpiration

The picture shown here is just prototype. Selling product might be different from this in picture.


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Symphodia Phil Co., Ltd.


July 26, 2007

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Evaluation and analysis of information precision equipment,
Contract development of computer systems and software,
Commercialization research and development of university-derived technologies
Support for electronic DIY/programming education for children


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